With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and many years of marketing orientation analysis, led by an elite sales team, Rotterweiler Brand now comes into the world. Fantastic purchasing experience and pleasant operation, that is in Rotterweiler.

Focus on optimization of development of sealed lead acid batteries and energy products, Rottweiler takes strict control on every process: raw material selection, plate quality, component quality, production lines, check points, and finished products.

● Rottweiler office building


Raw material source

Strict evaluation and audit on the suppliers. Qualified suppliers are first option.

Advanced production

Rottweiler adopts the most advanced production technique, more scientific, more standardized, and more efficient.
Most advanced facilities have been equipped to Rottweiler’s production lines: Automatic plate packing machines, automatic welding machines, and automatic testing machines to assure the high quality and performance consistence.

Quality Control

Quality management and control is vital key. QC is applied with both manual operation and machine functional test on every single piece of the battery.


Rottweiler offers various Research and Development service to customers on demand of any battery quality or performance requirement.


Besides concentration on high quality products, Rottweiler move more steps to provide excellent service before and after sales: shipment inspection, documentation checking, consultant of other products and on-demand service.

We are in Rottweiler, we are in happy work and communication.